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CTAP2.1's enhancements over CTAP2.0

Are there any advantages of CTAP2.1 over CTAP2.0?

CTAP2.1 (Client-to-Authenticator Protocol 2.1) is an updated version of the CTAP2 (Client-to-Authenticator Protocol 2) specification for FIDO2 (Fast Identity Online 2) authentication. Here are some of the main advantages of CTAP2.1 over CTAP2.0:

1.          Improved Performance:
CTAP2.1 includes optimizations that improve the performance of FIDO2 authentication. For example, CTAP2.1 reduces the number of round-trips required for authentication, which speeds up the authentication process.

2.          Enhanced Security:
CTAP2.1 includes several security enhancements, including support for improved protection against phishing attacks.

3.          More Versatile:
CTAP2.1 supports a wider range of authenticator types, including wireless authenticators such as the authenton#1. This makes it easier for users to choose the type of authenticator that best meets their needs.

4.          More Robust:
CTAP2.1 includes error reporting and recovery mechanisms that improve the robustness of the authentication process. This helps to ensure that users can successfully authenticate their identity even in the event of errors or other issues.

5.          Improved User Experience:
CTAP2.1 includes several features that improve the user experience, such as support for device attestation and user presence feedback. These features make it easier for users to understand the authentication process and verify their identity.

Overall, CTAP2.1 provides several advantages over CTAP2.0, including improved performance, enhanced security, more versatility, greater robustness, and improved user experience. These features make CTAP2.1 a more reliable and user-friendly protocol for FIDO2 authentication.
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