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Contact for Proposal

Enterprises can get in direct contact to us for customized offers:

Please note:

Purchasing directly from authenton is limited to Enterprises, our IT-System-Partners and/or other Institutions.  It requires a minimum quantity of either

  • 50 authenton#1CTAP2.1 Standard USB/NFC Token, or

  • 50 authenton#1CTAP2.1 PLUS USB/NFC Tokens.

The customization of authenton#1CTAP2.1 PLUS - requires a customization of the either LEGIC and / or HiD solution.
Therefore an average extra time of 10 working days for the delivery might apply!

Quantities of up to 50 authenton#1CTAP2.1 Standard USB/NFC Token can be purchased directly via our distribution- partners, including Amazon!
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