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How to activate Single Sign On with FIDO2 Token?

How to activate Single Sign On with FIDO2 Token?

Activating Single Sign-On (SSO) with a FIDO2 token involves setting up your authentication system to recognize and trust FIDO2 tokens for user authentication across multiple services or applications. FIDO2 is a strong authentication standard that relies on hardware-based tokens (like USB security keys or built-in biometric sensors) to provide secure and convenient authentication. Here's a general outline of the steps to activate SSO with FIDO2 tokens:

  1. Select a FIDO2-Compatible Authentication Provider: Ensure that your chosen identity provider (IDP) or authentication service supports FIDO2 authentication. Popular IDPs that support FIDO2 include Azure AD, Okta, and Google Identity Platform. You may need to configure or integrate your existing authentication system with FIDO2 capabilities.

  2. Set Up a FIDO2 Token: Users who want to use FIDO2 for SSO need to have FIDO2 tokens. These tokens can be hardware-based (like USB security keys) or software-based (like mobile apps with FIDO2 support). Users will need to register their FIDO2 tokens with the authentication provider. Registration typically involves enrolling the token and associating it with the user's account.

  3. Configure SSO with FIDO2: In your authentication provider's settings, configure the SSO option to include FIDO2 as one of the authentication methods. This usually involves enabling or activating FIDO2 authentication for your organization or application.

  4. User Registration and Authentication: Users need to register their FIDO2 tokens with your authentication system. During registration, the user's FIDO2 token is linked to their account. This step may involve the following:
    • User initiates the registration process and selects FIDO2 as the authentication method.
    • The user's FIDO2 token is connected (physically or via Bluetooth/NFC) to their device.
    • The user follows on-screen instructions to complete the registration, which typically includes setting up a PIN or biometric authentication for the token.
    • Once registered, the FIDO2 token can be used for authentication.

  5. Login with FIDO2 SSO: When users access a protected application or service, they can choose FIDO2 as their authentication method. Here's a simplified flow for FIDO2 SSO login:
    • User enters their username or selects their identity.
    • The application or authentication system prompts the user to authenticate using FIDO2.
    • The user inserts their FIDO2 token or uses their biometric data, such as a fingerprint, to authenticate.
    • The FIDO2 token generates a cryptographic proof that is sent to the authentication provider.
    • The authentication provider verifies the proof and, if successful, grants access to the user.

  6. SSO Configuration for Other Services: To enable SSO across multiple services or applications, you'll need to configure those services to trust your FIDO2-enabled authentication provider. This often involves integrating these services with your chosen IDP or authentication service.

  7. User Management and Access Control: Manage user access and permissions through your authentication provider. You can control which users have access to which services and resources.

  8. Testing and Monitoring: Test your FIDO2 SSO setup thoroughly to ensure it works as expected. Implement monitoring and logging to track authentication events and detect any unusual activity.

  9. User Education: Educate your users on how to use FIDO2 tokens for SSO and provide clear instructions on registration and login procedures.

  10. Security Best Practices: Implement security best practices, such as regular software updates for FIDO2 tokens and strong access control policies, to protect your SSO environment.

Remember that the specific steps and configuration details may vary depending on the authentication provider and services you are using. It's essential to consult the documentation and support resources provided by your chosen authentication provider for detailed guidance on setting up SSO with FIDO2 tokens in your specific environment.
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