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Can I use my authenton#1 FIDO2 for Online-Banking?

Why should I authorize my online payments with the FIDO Token?

The legal requirements for credit card payments have changed. In order to maintain your ability to make payments online and protect against potential misuse of your credit card data, you need to strongly authenticate every payment. This can be easily done using the authenton#1 - FIDO Token or alternatively the S-ID-Check app.

You can use the FIDO Token as a new 3D Secure security method for your credit or debit cards*. This allows you to securely and conveniently make online purchases with your credit card: One click with the authenton#1 - FIDO Token and your payment is confirmed.

*By debit card, we mean the Sparkassen-Karte Basis (debit card) in this context.

Register your FIDO Token conveniently through the Sparkasse online portal (!
This way, your credit card becomes the perfect means of payment for online shopping.

How to use FIDO for  Online-Banking (general steps)?

To use FIDO for banking, you typically need to follow these general steps:

  1. Choose a FIDO-enabled bank: To use FIDO for banking, you need to find a bank or financial institution that supports FIDO authentication. Many banks around the world, including major institutions such as Bank of America (, Wells Fargo, various Sparkassen in Germany and Barclays, support FIDO authentication.

  2. Purchase an authenton#1 FIDO authenticator token: Once you have identified a FIDO-enabled bank, you need to purchase an authenton#1 FIDO authenticator token that is compatible with the bank's authentication system.

  3. Register your FIDO authenticator token: Once you have purchased your FIDO authenticator token, you need to register it with your bank. Follow the instructions provided by the bank to begin the registration process.

  4. Create a FIDO credential: During the registration process, you will be prompted to create a FIDO credential, which is a unique public-private key pair that is associated with your bank account. The private key is stored securely on the FIDO authenticator token, and the public key is sent to the bank for registration.

  5. Complete registration: Once you have created your FIDO credential, you will need to complete the registration process by verifying your identity using your existing authentication method (such as a password or biometric authentication)

  6. Use FIDO authentication: Once you have successfully registered your FIDO authenticator token with your bank, you can begin using it for authentication. To authenticate, simply insert or connect your FIDO authenticator token to your device and follow the prompts provided by the bank.

  7. Perform banking transactions: Once you have authenticated using your FIDO authenticator token, you can perform a variety of banking transactions securely, including transferring funds, paying bills, and checking account balances.

  8. It's important to note that the specific steps for using FIDO for banking may vary depending on the bank and the type of FIDO authenticator token you have purchased. Always follow the instructions provided by the bank carefully to ensure a successful authentication and transaction process.
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