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PGP: What are the advantages of authenton#1 - for secure storage of PGP

PGP: What are the advantages of authenton#1 - for secure storage of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption and authentication keys?

The authenton#1 functions and behaves exactly like a certified SmartPGP SmartCard. However, the authenton#1 USB Token does not require a separate SmartCard reader or additional software as it can be directly connected to the computer or laptop via a USB-A interface (Plug & Play). For use with a smartphone, authenton#1's Near Field Communication (NFC) interface can be used.

The hardware security of authenton#1 - the so-called Secure Element - has been certified as highly secure by the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology) with Common Criteria 6+! This Secure Element is "Made in Germany" (Fab in Dresden) and is used, among other things, for the German electronic identity card, many biometric e-passports worldwide, and millions of Master and VISA cards!

An OpenPGP SmartCard - in this case authenton#1 - is a hardware device used to securely store PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption and authentication keys.
With the authenton#1 (as an OpenPGP SmartCard), users can separate key material from their computers or mobile devices, thus providing additional security.

Here are some features and benefits of an authenton#1 as OpenPGP SmartCard:

  1. Secure key storage: The private keys are stored on the card and never leave the card, which enhances security. This means that even if your computer is compromised, your private keys are safe.

  2. Encryption and decryption: You can use an OpenPGP SmartCard (authenton#1 USB-A & NFC Token) to encrypt and decrypt messages. The SmartCard performs the cryptographic operations on the card itself, without the key leaving the secure hardware area.

  3. Digital signatures: You can use the SmartCard (authenton#1 USB-A & NFC Token) to create digital signatures to confirm the authenticity of messages or digitally sign software.

  4. Authentication: The authenton#1 USB-A & NFC Token can be used for authentication with services that support OpenPGP SmartCards.

  5. Mobility: Since the authenton#1 USB-A & NFC Token is portable, you can securely transport your keys from one device to another.

  6. Physical security: As the keys are stored on a physical card (authenton#1 USB-A & NFC Token), they offer additional protection against online hacking attempts.

  7. Durability: Compared to traditional storage media, the authenton#1 usually last longer and are more robust.
     For this also see the authenton#1 Datasheet "MIL-STD-810-H Certification of authenon#1 for harsh environment!

In summary, SmartPGP SmartCards (the authenton#1 USB-A & NFC Token) offer a secure and effective way to store and use cryptographic keys, and provide a level of physical security that goes beyond what software alone can offer.  For more technical details and how to configure etc. see

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