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What is "Universal 2ter Faktor" (U2F)?

What is (Universal 2nd Factor) U2F?

U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) is an open authentication standard developed by the FIDO Alliance that provides a secure and easy-to-use alternative to traditional password-based authentication. U2F uses hardware security keys (such as USB or NFC devices) to perform cryptographic operations and verify the user's identity, providing a higher level of security than passwords alone.

The U2F standard has two main components: the client-side software (such as a web browser or a mobile app) and the hardware security key. The client-side software communicates with the hardware security key using the U2F protocol to perform authentication operations.

The U2F protocol is based on public-key cryptography, where the hardware security key generates a public-private key pair, and the client-side software generates a challenge that the key must sign with its private key to prove its authenticity. The signed response is then sent back to the client-side software for verification. This process ensures that the user is in possession of the hardware security key and provides a strong form of two-factor authentication.

U2F provides several benefits over traditional password-based authentication. It is resistant to phishing attacks because the user must physically interact with the hardware security key to complete the authentication process. It is also resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks because the signed response can only be verified by the relying party that generated the original challenge. Additionally, U2F provides a consistent user experience across different websites and applications that support the standard, making it easy to use and adopt.

U2F has been adopted by several major online services, including Google, Dropbox, and GitHub, and is supported by popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The FIDO Alliance continues to develop and promote the U2F standard, along with other passwordless authentication standards such as FIDO2, to improve online security and user experience.

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